Tourist Visa

by Terry
(Memphis, TN USA)

A beautiful Russian girl contacted me through an American dating website. We have been emailing 3 months. I looked into what would be required to bring her here. I mentioned the fiancee visa and that I would need to come visit her first. She has replied that her cultural custom requires her to come to me.

So she tells me she went to a travel agent and reviewed the options. She says she can get a tourist Visa for $495 US. She asked me the location of the nearest international airport so she can look into the cost of the flight. She suggested we split the cost as that would only be fair. No phone or Skype yet. I'm suspicious.

Bob's Answer:

Let your suspicions guide you in this case :) This is a cookie-cutter Russian dating scam!

Not only have I never heard of a Russian cultural custom that requires that the girl visit the man first, but every cultural custom I have EVER heard goes exactly the opposite. I assure you that this "custom" is created for the purpose of the scam.

And as for that splitting the cost... If you went for it, at the last minute she would call/text/email you that she had some last minute cash flow crisis and needs you to wire her money which she will repay after arrival.

Another telltale sign of a Russian dating scam is her claim that she can get a tourist visa. I hear it's easier than it used to be, but they're still hard to get, especially for single Russian women.

And finally, that no phone/Skype adds to my conviction that this is a scam... not that I really needed the additional confirmation.

Despite this, the fact is that there are many REAL single/sincere women in Russia/Ukraine who are a lot more appealing that what you're probably finding on American dating sites (except when you find Russian scammers on American dating sites :)

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