Translators giving address of woman

by Mike
(Orange County, Ca.)

My name is Mike. I met Anna from Ukraine on Russian Cupid.

After several e-mails and corresponding, I asked Anna for her phone # and she told me she does not speak English and is using a translating company. I said that's ok, and she was surprised I wanted to continue corresponding.

After a few days of not hearing from Anna, i e-mailed her again. I got an e-mail in response from the translator stating that her account is empty and does not have the opportunity to use the service.

The translator gave me prices of the service, but at the very end the translator wrote that the fastest and safest way to renew my correspondence with Anna is to make a payment to Anna directly and she gave me her name and address on how to reach her!

Is it typical for a translator to give out the address information of the woman?


Bob's Answer:

Personally I believe you are asking the wrong question. Let me understand... You are writing to Anna via email (presumably at HER email address), then someone ELSE responds from that email address explaining that Anna's translation account ran dry (shortly after Anna informed you that she uses a translation service), and gives you Anna's mailing address so that you can send her money?

This is a fairly common scam... they get you hooked on the communication with a beautiful Russian/Ukrainian lady, then you are later told her translation balance has been exhausted and you cannot communicate with her any longer unless you pay. In almost every case the girl and the translator are partners (or sometimes they are the same person). This is almost surely what's happening here.

In reality 99% of Ukrainian women on these sites know how to use, and 99% of the time anyone starts talking about a translation service it's a scam.

What I've done when I've received such requests from the translator is just reply saying "Well, sorry to hear. Please pass on my best wishes to Anna".

But if you really think Anna may be for real and you really want to give it one last shot, shoot her a letter via snail-mail to the address they gave you telling her that you would like to continue communication (note that snail-mail to Ukraine takes about 3 weeks). Ask her to email you from her personal email address that ONLY SHE accesses, and tell her that you will arrange for translation through a professional translator whose services you would prefer to use (you may not really know such a translator, but I recommend English-Russian Translations).

If you report this to the Russian Cupid support they will almost surely investigate and ban her profile.

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Mike from Tampa-- Ref To Mike & the Anna the Ukrainian Lady
by: Anonymous


Keep your emotions in check, especially when it comes to foreign ladies. Don't let your needs & wants override your good sense of judgment. An important rule of thumb, whether in the United States or abroad in online dating, is that you NEVER send money to an interested party. There have been a multiple court cases where men & women have taken advantage of one another. Your situation truly sounds like a scam and probably is one. Money should NEVER enter the picture until you have met this lady and spent a lot of time with her & her family. The picture you have viewed may not even be her or it could be a guy posing through emails to be Anna, giving you what you want to hear. Believe me I'm not against you, Mike, after all, I want your complete happiness. I was married to a foreign lady who used & abused me and left me penniless & vocation-less. I have to go back and recreate my life and raise our son by myself. Don't rely on your feelings & desires and head down the same road. Know your strengths and don't let others make them into weaknesses.

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