Travel restrictions in war zone

by Craig
(Australia )

Hello Bob,

I met a lady on International Cupid that lives in war zone in Ukraine, since I'm not familiar with local conditions etc. I'm wondering if there are restrictions on her moving and travelling out of these areas.

Bob's Answer:

Hi Craig

It took a while to answer this because it required a little research. Here's the reliable word on the street: Residents of the conflict zone (like Donetsk) CAN travel in and out of the area freely. People who ARE NOT residents of those areas cannot always/easily travel in and out.

So, if your girl is a legal resident of Donetsk (for example) she can travel out of the area.

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by: Anonymous

Many girls use this as an excuse. "Travel is difficult, if you just send me $500 I can come to you in Kiev".

I have heard this several times, actually there is no train anymore but they can go by car, just takes a while.

Travel restrictions in war zone
by: Craig

Hello Bob, thanks for reply. Soon as you said travel wasn't restricted like I was lead to believe alarms bells were going off and turns out she was a clever scammer. Was told documents were needed to leave war zone.

War zone
by: Bob (Site Owner)

You're welcome. And a broader point to keep in mind is that your radar should already be on high alert any time a girl claims to be from someplace "difficult", whether it be war zone or the remotest itty bitty village in northern Siberia. That is almost always designed to (1) discourage you from wanting to visit there (there's not much profit in that) and (2) make the cost of getting her to you, or even to civilization, very high.

That's often even true when the girl claims to be in a far remote suburb of Kiev. Then she'll say she'll meet you in Kiev, but needs $20 for each meeting to pay for her taxi.

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