Travel to Russia

You must travel to Russia to meet Russian women, and Russian travel has many more challenges to overcome than simple domestic travel. But not to worry... it's not really THAT difficult IF you are prepared for it.

If you are accustomed to international travel, and especially if you routinely travel to Russia or Eastern Europe, you won't need much help and can just skim most of this, but everyone else should take notes (or just let this site be their notes).

Arranging Flights

First there's the transportation... If you don't know what you are doing (or use a travel agent who knows what he/she is doing), your round trip flights to Russia alone could cost you over $3000-$4000 AND you could have a HORRIBLE flight schedule to boot (many stops, long layovers, airport changes, etc.).

Fortunately for you, I've navigated this maze and can tell you how to avoid paying a penny more than necessary and have a nearly perfect flight schedule. And don't think we're talking about saving 10% here... More like 300%. Yes, with few simple tricks you can realistically turn a $3000 round trip with the ugliest scheduling you've ever seen into a $1000 round trip with a nearly perfect schedule! Click HERE to read more about the finding the best prices and schedules for flights to Russia and Ukraine.

Visa and Customs

If you have never traveled internationally, you probably think a "visa" is a credit card. Well, it is, but it is also special permission to enter another country. Every country has its own visa entry requirements and customs requirements, and if you mess up on this, you could actually find yourself refused entry into a country and stranded at the airport for a week! Click here to learn all about obtaining a Russian visa.

You also need to familiarize yourself with Russian customs regulations in order to keep yourself from paying 30% tariffs on things you already own.

Scheduling for Success

If your travel to Russia or Ukraine is for an individual tour, there are some important scheduling considerations to keep in mind that will help you maximize your chances of success. For instance, do you know which day of the week is the best to arrive, or the optimal length of such a tour? Click HERE to read more about scheduling a successful trip to Russia!

Cell Phones in Russia

When you travel to Russia to meet women, you will DEFINITELY need a cell phone that will work there! If you have no cell phone, how can you call your host to tell them your aiport pickup didn't show? Or how does your date contact you to let you know she's running late, or had to cancel? The list goes on and on...

The problem is your U.S. cell phone probably won't work in Russia or Ukraine unless you know a few things... and if it does work because you have some sort of an international plan on it, your roaming charges could end up being the biggest budget item for your whole trip! Typical roaming charges run $4 - $5/minute USD. But there is a way around it! Click HERE to read more about arranging an affordable Russian cell phone during your trip to Russia.

Electricity in Russia

Will your electric razor work with Russia's electrical outlets? Your laptop? Camera? Phone? Probably not... at least not without a few gadgets. Click HERE to learn how make your electrical appliances work with Russian electrical outlets.

Odds 'n Ends

And finally, there are those odds and ends that you just might not think of if you are not a seasoned international traveler... What should you pack? Click here to read more about these kinds of odds and ends of Russia travel.