True or false

by Paul A
(Athens, GA U.S.A.)

My girl insists she needs to purchase her ticket and hotel through a local Russian travel agent to meet me in Panama. By the way Panama doesn't require she have a visa. I offered to email her a ticket and the hotel reservation in her name. Tired of the lies please tell me what's the reality?

Bob's Answer:

There isn't enough information here to be 100% sure, but there is enough to be 99% sure. The reality is that it is a scam. There is no Russian law requiring she buy her own ticket, and no good reason you can't buy it for her.

If you send money, she still isn't showing up. She'll probably write again that she's at the airport and there's some other problem requiring immediate cash. She'll keep doing this until you stop falling for it.

My site teaches you how to avoid this crap. Read it! Start with Russian Dating Scams then read every page to which it links.

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