Trust your own instincts about Romance Compass

by John
(Panama City, Florida)

First off I'm currently using Romance Compass and have probably spent $1,000 over the last 4 months (which only comes out to about as little as $1 a day). The women I'm Video Chatting with are worth every penny, where some women aren't worth talking to for free. Then again you have to pay to talk to any women on any site rather it be in the form of a Internet or Cell Phone bill. Also about this talk about how can there be so many gorgeous women on the site that look like models, beauty as well as a scammer is in the eye of the beholder or brainwashed. The problem with getting them to me is all the unnecessary government BS, VISA forms, and fees you have to figure, fill and pay out. Far as similar last names that's typical of anywhere, Ukraine isn't on another planet!!!

Bob's Comment:

John, I really didn't follow everything you say here except that you feel that Romance Compass seems like a good investment to you. Right? So you're averaging around $1/day, which one would otherwise pay for internet or cell phone charges.

Well, I don't know about you, but I pay one price for my internet service no matter how much I use, so adding my skype video calls to Russian/Ukrainian women doesn't cost me an additional penny beyond what I must spend on internet anyway. As for cell phone charges, yes, that can run $0.20/minute in international toll charges, but it's free if the girl has Viber on her phone (as many do).

But even if we grant you these points, that the cost of communicating via other sites/means is about the same as through Romance Compass, your case fails to address one critical point: What do you get for this money?

With most pay-per-letter / pay-per-chat type services, what you get is someone who is a partner, associate, or employee of the agency earning money with each letter or chat pretending to be interested in you so that you'll keep writing/chatting. If that's what you want, and if you think that's a good investment, enjoy!

But with honest sites (like, Russian Cupid, and Ukraine Date) you have a much greater chance of meeting honest, sincere women who are seeking a real relationship, and none of the money you spend on phone or internet charges ends up in their pocket.

I've never actually used Romance Compass myself, but many of my readers have had bad experiences with them, and one reader actually thoroughly documented the results of his own careful research clearly showing regular scam activity at Romance Compass. Read his research at Romance Compass; The Ugly Truth.

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