by Mark
(Denver, Colorado)

Is UA Dreams ( a legitimate dating site?

Bob's Comments:

It depends on what you mean by "legitimate". If you read through my site, especially the pages that talk about scams, but also in nearly every answer I provide on the Russian Women Questions and Answers page, I say that sites that operate on a pay-per-letter basis are usually very scammy, no matter how much they talk about their strong stance against scams.

So whenever someone asks if a site is a scam, the very first thing I do is go to that site's home page and look for a link labeled "Services", or "How it works", etc. On UA Dreams there is a "Services" link on the home page. When I hover the mouse over it the very first item in the pop-out menu is "Communication Services". When I click that I see "E-Mail credits" and immediately suspect that I'm dealing with a site that probably either pays women to correspond with men or who corresponds with men on behalf of the women.

So there, now you know my secret to determining whether any site is scammy! And UA Dreams fails that test.

Personally I would not use them.

As a slight exception to this rule I might mention that some "boutique" agencies offer paid video conferences like UA Dreams, but they actually provide you the lady's direct Skype address AND will participate in a 3-way Skype call to help facilitate the first meeting (and subsequent meetings if you wish). But you have the direct Skype address of the lady and can continue communicating with her without the involvement of the agency if you wish.

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by: Craig

Hmm I personally think uadreams are suspect. Two of three ladies I really liked talking to on Russian personals requested to email privately then used my email address and created a profile on uadreams for me to continue chatting. Perhaps it's the ladies that are suspect or both.

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