by Nick
(Las Vegas, NV)

I have read your review on some of the suggested sites. I’ve been conversing (and spending $ to do so) with a beautiful lady in Ukraine. I’m wondering if you have an opinion of this group? It’s been only about a week and I’m wondering if you have a review or knowledge of them before I continue down the path of $$$.

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by: Bob (site owner/author)

I have had no direct interaction with this company, and as long as they have been around I'm surprised I haven't heard more. I guess in some ways that could almost be considered a positive.

BUT - and you knew that had to be coming - you should ALWAYS be suspicious of "pay per letter" operations, which UADreams is. When there's a 3rd party between you and the girl and this 3rd party profits every time you send or receive a letter, there's just too much room for fraud, and they almost always avail themselves of that opportunity.

In most PPL situations one of two things happens... (1) the agency writes on behalf of the girl... maybe with her knowledge and approval, maybe not; (2) the girl is writing, but she's paid a portion of the PPL revenue.

There is almost no way to reliably know if either of these are actually happening.

BUT I have no specific reports about UADreams.

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