Ukraine Brides Agency

by Ryan

I would avoid The ages are unreasonable. Almost all the women 18 - 22 had preferred ages over 40ish. Now some girls don't care about age, but not all. Also the pictures look like they were taken professionally and most of these girls don't have the money for that, some were even by a beach.

Compare a site like, these are plain pictures, some taken by camera phone. Also when I signed up, I was just browsing and went through my profile quickly, i.e. where it asked for my hobbies, what I was looking for and another secion for who am I, I just put will add later.

Then about 4 hours later an e-mail said my profile was suspended, but (lol) when I woke up next morning I had about a dozen e-mails from "girls" from this site. So much for being suspended. Also, serious girls shouldn't have contacted me with no picture of myself, very, very basic profile to boot.

So far, I might go with where I'm told you can pay with paypal. Heard too many negatives about elenasmodels. What I would suggest to you also is buy the book(if you haven't already) Russian Bride Guide, on amazon. There are other books but after going through the reviews I think this one will be most balanced.

Bob's Comments:

Thanks for the review. I have never seen this site before.

Honestly, professional pictures don't concern me. They aren't as expensive there as you think. Nor do beach pics concern me... these women do vacation in Crimea on the Black Sea, Turkey, and Egypt.

BUT you're definitely on to something when you observe that women were contacting you even before you filled in any detail on your profile or posted any pictures. That's a dead giveaway.

I might add my nearly all-inclusive observation that for nearly ANY SITE that offers pay-per-letter, pay-per-chat, etc. runs the typical agency scams of letter/chat/gift fraud... either the women are paid to write/chat or the agency is writing/chatting on their behalf.

The site I would most recommend is

You can read my full review at - Review, but it works sort of like a where you pay one price and can then communicate directly with as many other members as you like over the period of your membership (unlike this where you pay for each communication).

This means two things: (1) The site itself doesn't profit more if you write to more women, so they have less incentive to throw 22 year old women at 50 year old men. (2) Since each member (men and women) registers themselves, there WILL be the occasionally scammer (like with So you still have to keep your eyes open, but in my observation the scammers are pretty easy to spot and avoid.

I've never read "Russian Bride Guide", but I now have MY OWN EBOOK! Check out Live in Ukraine (this link is to the review on this site). Check it out!

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