Ukraine Date site question per Victoria Hearts

by Mark
(Winston Salem N.C.)

Hi, I got a RFE in my K-1 process. Now things are not going well with my prior fiancee. I'm looking at date sites again. I found one that seems too good to be true.

Sites Name is: Victoria Hearts Dating.

When you sign up for free they give you credits which go fast. I'd say they have some of the most beautiful women I've seen on a site.

Messages from women just pour in like a rain storm. Which is nice but, I'm suspicious of the site and I'm looking for advice/facts first. I've used my first 20 Free/Credits. Now, to join up with money or not too?

My suspicions are as follows.

So many young and beautiful women of all ages, even as young as there mid to late 20s' in age send me messages faster than I can even respond and just say "Hi, Nice to meet you". It's like they have a number of women sending out messages just to pull you in. The site looks real.

However if it's not real I don't want to waste time or money just for an overload of attention.. What good is it if you're never going to have any chance of really meeting a woman at all?

Lastly is the type of payment they ask for. They sell you credits for 9.99 x 20 Credits. If you speak with a number of women you'll be putting out ten bucks extremely often, and it adds up.

I'm still on OK, the attitude of the women online is either much different, and I mean different to a huge extreme from Russia to Ukraine. Or this is also a red flag. I have a year of talking to women on for many reasons, including learning Russian language. Do you know anything about VictoriaHearts Dating?

Thank you, Mark

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by: Bob (Site Owner)

Hi Mark

I didn't remember what "RFE" stood for so I Googled it... "Request for Evidence". From what I read though, it's not that serious. See I-129F Request for Evidence (RFE).

But as for this, I've never heard of it, but I just took a quick look. But I didn't really need to look because what you told me was clear enough.

There are two total deal breakers here.

First and foremost, it's a pay-per-letter site. For pay-per-letter we don't operate on the innocent-till-proven-guilty approach, but rather on the guilty-till-proven-innocent. The explanation of this is ALL OVER MY SITE. Read Russian Scams Q & A and see the answer to one question after another about that.

I realize that at this site you pay for packs of "credits", and then use the "credits" to pay for letters and other communication, but that's still "Pay-Per-Letter", and it's still a scam.

Read Russian Dating Scam: Marriage Agency Scams. That spells out in excruciating detail what's happening there.

The second signal for me is that so many young and hot women initiate contact. That's pretty much proof that everything suspected above is happening.

Save your money. If you don't want to continue using, find another one who charges like they do: You buy a membership for some fixed period of time and then during that time you can communicate freely with as many women on the site as you want.

Request for Evidence per K-1 Visa
by: Mark

Hi, I received an RFE (Request for evidence) due by 12-08-17. The evidence topic is IMB (International Marriage Broker). USCIS is saying that is an IMB. It is not one. But the site will not send me the letter stating the proper things USCIS is asking for. It's the stupidest thing I've seen in some time. Frankly I feel we're going to be denied. The U.S. gov wants the site to say they are not an IMB, but they do offer IMBRA services.

I and Natasha never received any IMB type service from them so I answered on 129-F, "NO" they are not IMB. But by U.S. law they qualify that they are or could be an IMB. We not have a non-cooperating 3rd party involved in all this money and waiting. It's so stupid how the GOV/US is asking for things no two people even see it exactly the same. I and Natasha don't even agree as to what we should send in for evidence fully. SO; If you know anything or anyone that could help please let me know. Thank you, Mark B.

RE: Fiancee Visa
by: Bob (Site Owner)

Wow, sorry to hear about the troubles with the fiancee visa.

When I was filling out this form (I-129F) I spent a LOT of time on visa forums, and on this question I think the advice was nearly always if you met on any kind of online dating site, the answer is "Yes" to the IMB question (even if the site says they aren't).

Honestly, if you aren't going to use a lawyer you MUST spend a lot of time on forums researching things like this. And I would definitely make sure that the immigration lawyer know about IMBRA.

I met my now-ex at (at the time it was, and while filling out the form I contacted them ( to ask if they were an IMB and they said they were not (just as RUW said to you). I checked "Yes" anyway and provided the address of the company's physical address as listed on their website.

I also added this note in the "continued" section included with my application: is owned and operated by xxxxxx. I am unsure whether it is legally considered an international marriage broker. It is a dating site where communication between members is allowed only if at least one member has paid for the level of membership that allows communication (could be either the man or woman). I wrote to the management of this company to inquire if they were considered an international marriage broker and they answered explaining that they are 'an internet information services company' and not an international marriage broker. I am not sure if that is correct, so to be on the safe side I will say they are an international marriage broker and include their contact information.

I suspect that if you change your answer to "Yes" and then put the address and contact info of the site (available on the site) it could solve it.

And if I'm not mistaken, does have an "IMBRA Disclosure" form that men complete before being allowed to communicate. That's probably what they mean by "IMBRA service". It's more than had.

If in doubt about any of this you should probably consult with an immigration lawyer.

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