by Terrance

Hi, guys. I used this agency ( for more than a year and spent a few thousand dollars. They charge for 40 cents per minute for chat and a dollar per minute for video chat.

I thought it is expensive so I offered to pay a few ladies one hundred dollars to get their contact info but they all said they didn't know me well enough and wanted only to chat with me on this site.

I think that these ladies are well trained by the agency. They are not allowed to give their emails or Skye, or anything else.

I also arranged to go meet one lady in Ukraine. She said that she can not give me her phone number or anything, only through agency. I was thinking that if I fly to Kiev and I do not have her phone number I am not even sure she will show up.

She said that she will come to hotel with her translator and we talk. The translator charge was be 20 dollars per hour and minimum of 8 hours a day and three days.

I think it is a scam. There are other victims from this agency. Read this forum.

I was in Ukraine for business. When people find out that you are a foreigner, they will try to take advantage of you. For them it is OK to get money from rich foreigners. It is not sin to them. Please make your own judgement.

Bob's Comment:

It's not a matter of the girls being well trained. It's their JOB. They're either directly employed by the agency, or they share in the letter/chat revenue as an "independent contractor", or the agency is actually just doing all the writing for them. Obviously for Skype video calls you'll be on with the girl, and in that case she will be someone "real", but that's why they charge more for that :)

Really, avoiding this kind of scam is SO freakin' simple: NO PAY-PER-LETTER/PAY-PER-CHAT... EVER! NOT EVEN ONCE! Rounding to the nearest full percentage point, pay-per-letter is 100% of the time shady at best.

You don't need to have a database of bad agencies to avoid. Any time you find a new site and want to know if it's a scam, don't Google them and look for reviews. Just click around and see if they charge by the letter/chat, or if you pay one price for a period of time during which you can send unlimited messages to unlimited women. If it's pay by the letter/chat, it's a scam.

Not all non-pay-per-letter/chat are good, but ALL the pay-per-letter sites are bad.

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