Ukrainian Custom

by Craig

Hello Bob, got a query in regards to Ukrainian custom. I have been chatting with a lady online for nearly three months, really like except she holds back a lot. Is it custom to say she is interested in me yet refuses to say what her surname is? To me it means she's holding back for whatever reason. She's 27 and raised in an orphanage.

You views be appreciated :-)

Bob's Answer:

That does sound strange to me. If she were unwilling to give you her name after 2-3 messages it wouldn't be so strange, but if she's serious about finding a man with whom to spend the rest of her life, thinks she may have found that (you), after three months you would normally know her last name, and ideally you would have spoken on the phone or Skype. AND, if she actually was serious, most likely she wouldn't be emailing/chatting (not sure if "chatting" to you means email, some online chat system, or whatever) without starting to wonder when you are planning to visit.

So I'm not sure exactly the nature of the problem, whether it's a scam in the making or if she's just not all that serious, but either way I wouldn't spend too much time on it.

Oh, the "raised in an orphanage"... Of course that's possible, but when I'm getting other signals that don't add up, "raised in an orphanage" sounds a little more fishy than it otherwise might.

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Ukrainian Custom
by: Craig

Thanks for replying Bob, I've come to conclusion she wasn't that serious. So more searching for me now. I'm under impression that it's OK at this stage to travel to west Ukraine?

[Bob's Answer:]

You're welcome. And I can only give my own opinion about the safety of travel, but I myself would not hesitate to visit West Ukraine (anything on or West of the Dnieper River).

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