by Capt Subash

I have used this site for many years. They are not cheap but if you use them intelligently you can succeed. I met my woman after I spent about 500$ but over 5 years. You have to be an intelligent shopper. There is a mix of real and fake women, but I learnt the difference. If they don't answer your specific questions don't waste your time. I did get contacts of 5-6 women that interested me and spoke with all. Finally I went and met one and she was exactly what I expected. We are still dating and she had now obtained visa to visit USA. They are not cheap but others are much more.

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by: Bob (Site Owner)

I have never heard of this site before now - at least I don't remember it, but per my usual practice the very FIRST THING I do is look at their services. No matter how convincing they are in any other way, I want to know if they offer "pay per letter" services (or pay per chat, pay per call, etc.).

If they offer pay-per-letter then I already smell a rat. Sorry, but I'm exactly that skeptical. In ANY pay-per-letter deal there is too much incentive for the agency to run the typical agency scams and too little risk of ever suffering any significant downsides (LIKE JAIL).

And by "typical agency scams" I mean that when you write, 99% of the time one of the following two things is happening:

1) The agency is writing ON BEHALF OF THE GIRL. The girl probably is "real", in that it is her name, age, location, description, and she probably did participate (or at least "cooperate") in the process of getting a profile online. BUT, the girl isn't reading your message or writing messages to you. The agency representative is doing all that. Best case, the girl told the agency rep what kind of man she seeks and authorizes the rep to interact on her behalf.

2) Kind of like above... the girl is "real", but she is actually reading your messages and writing her messages to you. BUT in this scenario she is PAID to do this, and to keep the conversation going as long as possible.

This is just the pay-per-letter world, and it's a solid 99%. Anything CAN happen, but pay-per-letter is EXPENSIVE and SCAMMY.

I cannot endorse a pay per letter site.

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