US visa for a russian girl

by chris
(new orleans la)

a russian girl i have been chatting with says that she can get a visa using a travel agency. of course she wants money. she says she could have the visa in a couple of weeks and may not have to go to embassy in Moscow. i assume getting a USA visa is not easy and that it will take well over a month and not a couple of weeks? She appears to have a good job. how likely is she to get a visa given that she is working.


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RE: US visa for a russian girl
by: Bob (site owner)

If you'll read through previous posts and answers at Russian Scams Q & A you'll see that this question comes up ALL THE TIME...

This "travel agency" story is very common, and always fraudulent. I can tell you with great certainty that there is no alternate route to a U.S. visa.

It's ALWAYS through the embassy, and for single Russian and Ukrainian women they are almost always rejected.

An "agency" may help a girl create fake documents to submit to the U.S. embassy that will supposedly give her a better chance to be approved, but if that had a realistic shot at success, far more Russians and Ukrainians would get visas.

Your suspicion is well-founded.

I would advise that you NEVER SEND MONEY to someone you haven't met in person (and really not even then).

- Bob

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