Viber and WhatsApp - Economical International Communication

by Nigel

These modern "low bandwidth" forms of free international communication are worth a mention on your site, as many girls with basic smartphones can't use Skype, which is extremely thirsty on bandwidth. I once got through 100 Grivna in Kiev on a local SIM, without touching my phone!, all because of Skype!

Surprisingly many girls have iPhones, and many more have smartphones of some description, all of which have some internet access (though often only 2G in Ukraine, and most of Russia) So a "free international SMS" program is invaluable, as it allows you to have a 2-way textual (and send pictures, and now voice messages) conversation, even when they're at work, and can't speak (and you know how long hours they work!!)

Bob's Answer:

Hi Nigel, thanks for your review!

Sorry for the delay in posting this, but I just recently started using both Viber and WhatsApp and agree that they are GREAT alternatives for economical communication!

And although it could use more bandwidth, Viber allows voice calls and will soon also be supporting video calls.

Thanks again!

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