by Rounder
(Canada) is another pay-per-letter/chat at an excessive cost - lots of unsolicited e-mail from the interpreters of the agency. You never know with whom you are speaking to. One letter came with Dear {{insert man's name here}} so ladies do not know letters are being sent.

At credits disappear faster than you imagine, no clear detail on all the activity.

Only conclusion is that the ladies are either very naive or there is a benefit to them, none seem interested in going off site to communicate even after a while. Not sure they have any idea on how much money is being collected off their profiles. If they did I am sure they would want a raise.

No video or voice options, no posted success stories and Head Office is in San Paolo California

Bob's Comment:

I looked at the site and I see no reference to California. The only U.S. address I see listed is in Alexandria, VA. Are you sure you're talking about the right site?

But it kinda doesn't matter much, the answer is the same, and I'll repeat it as long as my fingers have the strength to type it... If you're paying by the letter, you're being scammed. It's so 99.9999% of the time true that it's silly to expect otherwise.

The ladies aren't naive. Depending on the site, the women are IN ON IT.

The presence or absence of success stories is irrelevant.

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