Visas and passports through russian travel agency

by Bob

Can a Russian person acquire US Visas and passports through russian travel agency?

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RE: Visas and passports through russian travel agency
by: Bob (Site Owner)

No, not really. Russians get a visa by applying for it at the U.S. Embassy in Russia. And they can't get a U.S. passport anywhere unless they are a U.S. citizen.

But the more relevant answer is that if you're in touch online with a Russian girl you've never met saying she can get a visa through such a travel agency, it's 100% scam attempt.

Read all the other FAQs in this section. It comes up all the time.

But who's the real scammer?
by: Mark

Mostly I'd say the female is the scammer, or she's unexperienced and is being informed by a company she works for. Meaning she believes the Visa's are real, and can be obtained.

Just sharing but this for me is this simple. If she communicates to you that she's getting a visa in this manner; Share with her that it's not real and it's a scam.

If she agrees with you and fully drops the matter. She never tries to pull you into any side bar magical ways to do this and get a Visa she may not be the scammer.

But if she keeps on about it, or has yet more crazy ideas about how she can come to you. RUN Run, run far far away. She's either after your money, or her US citizen ship and your money. Don't even be shocked if she's operating within the U.S. but telling you all about her life in Russia also.

FYI, if a Russian Citizen is in fact a real doctor in Russia, once they come to the U.S. 99 plus % of the time they can't practice medicine in the U.S. with their degree. This is an old lie that works on U.S men. It's currently being used again. She claims her status is high paying in the U.S. and she's a Doctor. This is just an example and any difficult education that pays great should be looked into by U.S. men before they/we believe such stories. Another big Red Flag.

Passport photo
by: Jerry

I have been corresponding with a very lovely lady in Russia for over a month now, and things seem great. We have been chatting about how to meet lately and see if all these internet emotions evolve into the real ting in person. I have read your blog and can see how difficult it is to get the visa's, so I thought of meeting in a neutral country like Turkey for a week long vacation during spring break. She is a teacher and gets that one week off before the summer. She sent me a photo of her passport out of the blue to prove that she can travel, and wants a return photo of my passport. This raised a red flag to me...Sending a copy of my passport across the internet to someone in Russia might not be a good Idea. Your thoughts?

Hi Jerry

I would be helpful to know a little more, like on what site/venue you met her, but there are some concerns here just with the information you provide.

First, it is odd that she'd send her passport to "prove she can travel"... The ability of Russians traveling to Turkey has never been in dispute. To me the unsolicited offer to send the passport says that she's used to playing in this arena of suspicion.

And I agree you shouldn't send your passport.

But here's the fairly simple solution to all this... "Fairly" simple, not perfect... Just visit her in her city. I don't know the covid travel restrictions in Russia, but you getting a visa to visit Russia isn't that big a deal. It removes almost all natural scam opportunities!

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