Visas/International Passports

by Alex
(Orange County, Ca.)

My name is Alex. Who do you recommend using to have a Ukrainian woman come to visit me in the USA, if she needs help preparing her international passport and needs a visa?

Bob's Answer:

The international passport is totally on the Ukraine side. They apply for that. But generally speaking the only U.S. visa most Ukrainian women can get is the fiancee visa, and to qualify for that you must have met her in person and must sign statements declaring that you are engaged and planning to marry.

By far the safest, surest way to have a scam-free meeting is for you to just go visit her.

In the vast majority of cases where a Russian/Ukrainian woman wants to come visit you it is a scam, especially if you've never met in person before. Usually the way that ends up is that you wire money and she vanishes. Alternately she may assure you that she's paying for the trip, but then at the very last moment she has some major cash flow crisis and needs your help (but she will certainly pay you back in a few days).

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