Using Vonage to Communicate with Russian Women

Vonage is one of the largest and most popular companies offering VOIP phone service as an alternative to regular phone lines. If you didn't know, "VOIP" stands for "Voice over internet protocol", which really means "internet phone service". Both Skype and Rebtel utilize this technology to make calling Russia cheap.

And what this REALLY means TO YOU is that you can have a home phone that uses normal landline phones for half the price of a typical telephone line. And what it means for you if you are calling Russia is that direct-dialed calls are cheap or free.

You can read all the current details, descriptions and rates at, but at the time of this writing if you have their "World" plan, you can pick up your home phone and direct dial to Russian landlines free, and 8 cents/minute to mobile phones in Russia. Calling Ukraine through Vonage is 12-16 cents/minute no matter what plan you have.

They have recently released a new international package plan called "World Premium Unlimited" in which calls to all Russian phones, including cell phones, are free, but the plan costs $55/month + taxes. Unless you are spending a LOT of time on the phone calling Russia (this "World Premium Unlimited" plan does not help you for calls to Ukraine) I can't see how this premium plan would be worthwhile.

But I do know from years of experience as a customer that their services work well and I highly recommend them.