Was the phone call I received today really her?

by Thomas

Hello again.....

I gave her "A" cell phone number to reach me because I have had my doubts believe me.

And the next day.....

I just received a call from The Natalya that I have been speaking to. Of course it had no caller ID when it was an incoming call. Honestly I couldn't believe it. She could speak very little English like she said in emails.

I mean.... good grief!.... do they have random Russian women make calls when us stupid Americans give them a phone number?

***this message is what she sent me the day before she called me. I gave her that cell number the day before that****
I would not want that you spent money for me. I have found a way to speak by us with you to phone. I shall call to you today I hope that you can accept my inquiry. I very much worry, but I hope that at all of us will be good. My full name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Can anyone confirm that address? And yes...I see that the full name she gave has been on lists but is that name like Nicole Jones in our country??

Has my 1% chance of this being real bumped up to 3% real because she found a way to call me?

Thank you for any help!

Bob's Comment:

Is your communication with her via email? If so, if it's not a gmail account, try to track the IP address location. See about halfway down the page at Russian Scammers: Email Scams for some pointers on this. Note the warnings that it's not always easy or accurate, but it could help.

If you find that her IP address tracks to someplace like Los Angeles, that's why no caller ID!

But frankly I find it odd - actually very suspicious - that she called you. That is extremely rare unless/until you know a Russian/Ukrainian woman pretty well. One little test you can try is to call her (if you have her number). All incoming calls/texts there are free, so it won't cost her anything.

I removed her information from that message for your protection... if on the off-chance this actually isn't a scam and ends up progressing, do you really want her to be able to Google her name and find that you posted her full messages to you on this site inquiring as to whether it might be a scam?!

But I did Google her name and see that there are dozens of women with that exact name even on Facebook, and I also Googled parts of the address and didn't find it anywhere. So I would say that finding her name on scam reports is inconclusive.

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