Way too beautiful to be true - but certain things do add up and others not so much.

by Matt
(Cape Town)

I've been communicating with a girl that I met on one of your recommended websites, she had no profile pic up on the website and a very limited profile page, she got in touch with me first via the chat service provided by the site and asked if we could communicate via Skype.

I first asked her why no profile pic and she explained that she was very good looking and didn't want to be bombarded with requests would rather choose who she wanted to talk to.

So I agreed and gave her my Skype details and we Skyped. She also gave me her phone number and a link to a facebook page. I viewed the facebook page and the apparent woman on the other end was absolutely stunning - like a supermodel, so immediately my suspicions were raised. But I went with it and asked to video Skype.

We did this and sure as hell on the other end was the same absolutely stunning woman from the facebook photos. She would look completely at home on the catwalks for Victoria's Secret. We now have such cool conversation on Skype chat and occasionally video Skype, she also sends me photo's of her when I ask.

However in saying this - we are now friends on facebook but her facebook account looks fake or she has the security settings to max. She didn't want to tell me her surname for ages as she didn't see how knowing her surname would matter. However now she has told me a surname.

Now we're talking about seeing one another in person. At first I suggested I'd pay for her to come here to see me, but now I'm thinking I should go there and have suggested it to her. She's recommended a few hotels, etc. She has never asked for any money as such other than agreeing that I would pay for her travel here if we did that. We have really awesome, easygoing, fun conversation, but truthfully, with her looks, it seems to good to be true - she is a straight 10/10 that looks like she should be dating a celebrity.

As for me - I think I'm not bad looking, I have been told countless times by many girls that I am good looking I don't have a problem in finding girls interested in me, I don't say that arrogantly, I'm just looking for a girl from eastern Europe now as the ones here, I'm slightly bored of, and we're similar in age, so I'm thinking that their is a remote chance that she is genuine - basically my bottom line question is - how do I tell for sure that she is real, instead of a scammer without potentially losing her if she is real?

Bob's Answer:

Well, sometimes dreams can come true :-)

Fortunately your actual question at the end, and your situation as a whole, has a fairly sure win-win answer/solution.

If your face-to-face Skype time is as fun and easygoing and comfortable as you describe, it seems worth the risk to make a trip. You MUST visit her in her city for the first meeting.

But do it in a way that doesn't leave you high and dry if your worst fears come true. In other words, plan your trip such that if you get there and she doesn't show up, or if she tells you before your trip that she needs money for something, etc., that your trip isn't a total wash.

Here's how to do that... book your own accommodations through an agency (Daisy Bride if you're in Kiev). Almost always these agencies have great service/price offerings such that for less than the price of a hotel you can get a furnished apartment in the city center, plus airport pickup/drop-off, plus unlimited office support (you WILL need this), etc.

If she's not in Kiev, there may be an Angelika Network affiliate agency there that can offer the same kind of services. Unfortunately the Angelika Network website has fallen apart, so contact me through the contact form telling me the city and I'll let you know if I know an agency there.

If she asks about your accommodations, just say that you checked online and found this deal that seemed better than the hotels.

Now for the magic of this plan. You're there to see her. Period.

But, if you're using an Angelika Network affiliate like Daisy Bride, that apartment/tour package - which is cheaper than a hotel - also comes with "unlimited introductions" to their ladies in addition to the apartment and other services. And I assure you, if you're going to Kiev, there will be plenty worth meeting.

Now again, your plan isn't to meet these other ladies, it's to meet your ONE. BUT, if your "ONE" isn't "as advertised" (some kind of scam, doesn't show up, isn't the same girl pictured, etc.), your trip isn't a waste. You just RUN to the Daisy Bride (or other agency) and start picking girls from their database for them to arrange meetings.

So if you can stay flexible, this could be a win-win for you.

On the one hand, you get there, your girl shows up, still seems sincere and serious in person, no signs of any scams, you "connect" in person just as much as via Skype, yada yada yada, and you live happily ever after never thinking about other women again.

On the other hand, if she doesn't pan out for one reason or another, you'll get to spend a week or so in her city (HOPEFULLY KIEV) meeting other beautiful REAL women.

I hope this helps!

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Part 2 of my initial query
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the feedback Bob - so what do you actually think about my situation with this particular girl though - are you fairly confident it's not a scam or still may be a scam? I'm failing to see what she is after if it is a scam and how she would get it. I have read up that organized crime syndicates use very good looking girls as the voice and face of their plans, and painting a more extreme picture I've also watched the movie Taken haha, and understand that stuff like that does happen in real life. As a person I'm not scared of risk, but at the same time, I'm not stupid, so finding out as much as I can about all possibilities before I actually go and do something is only wise. What about the facebook account that looks fake, also forgot to mention the Skype name is a weird name, not her name, nor her facebook account her full name and so forth? Cheers in advance for any advice.

[Bob's Answer:]

Sorry for the delay - the system I use doesn't always alert me when comments are waiting :-(

But to your question, "fairly confident" just isn't a term I can use here, but I did not read anything in your story that triggered any major alarms. Her looks would only concern me if something else was odd about the story. For example, if she was 25, 5-10, with supermodel looks and you were 63, overweight, not so good looking, or penniless, I would be much more concerned. The name on her facebook account... wouldn't concern me either.

As for "Taken", I'm not so sure that it does happen in real life. That wouldn't stop me.

Read through many of the other posts on this site, and my answers. You'll see how easy the scam usually is to recognize, and you'll see none of those clues in your case.

No guarantees, but given what you've told me, I'd make the trip!

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