What about Polyamory and Russian women?

by Gary
(Quinlan, TX, USA)

My wife and I are Polyamorous and we are considering the option of looking for relationships outside of the states.

Would you say that, from a cultural stand point, people from Russia are more, or less accepting of Polyamory?

Bob's Answer:

I had to look this up as I thought you were just misspelling "polygamy" :-) But I see you weren't... So, for anyone else who hasn't heard this word, Wikipedia defines it as "the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved." (Close enough?)

I certainly cannot speak for all Russians/Ukrainians on this matter, but based on that definition I would say that it is not widely accepted in Russia/Ukraine. In almost ten years of many visits to Russia/Ukraine, reading thousands of online profiles, meeting many women, and marrying a Russian woman, I have never come across this concept.

Remember, Russian/Ukrainian women generally view things much more "traditionally"... One man, one woman, children, man provides/protects, woman nurtures, cares, takes care of home, etc. AND this view includes full exclusivity.

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