What are Russian women's view about sex?

by Sean

I didn't see anyone asking this question and I know people (men!) are thinking it. So, Id thought I'd ask.

I have read previously that Russian women are very private about sex. That it is an absolutely wrong to even say the word if you are corresponding with a Russian woman, especially if you haven't met her yet.

Basically, the article said, you can never talk about it unless you have actually had sex with your partner.

I'm not talking about online vulgar sex talk. I mean more personable talk, likes/dislikes etc.

I also read different opinions on Russian female sexuality. One side says, that they can be prude and the other side saying it's as diverse as any women living in the west.

What prevails here? Are Russian women more likely to be prude, silent and close minded or are they just as engaging in or talking about sex as western women?

Is it also true regardless of their feelings about the subject, you should never talk about it with them until after your first sexual experience together?

Bob's Answer:

I have also read as you have that talking about sex before meeting is not usually acceptable. I've never tested that myself.

My perception has been that on average Russian/Ukrainian women are pretty reserved, and aren't usually in for recreational sex and are more often holding off until there's a real relationship that has potential.

Though I'm no longer a big fan of Elena's Models, I remember some interesting discussion of this subject in her eBook, "How to find and marry a girl like me". Google that and see if you can find a copy.

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