What are the best places to go on a individual tour?

by Francis

Before I ask my two questions, let me give you a bit of my history. As you must know, it's not my first question here. About a month ago I registered on Elena's Models. I told you that I've sent about 25 EOI's and got about 10 answers...and so on. You told me that it's normal and I should send 25 more...

I'm trying to do that but I'm specifically looking for a 8-9/10 with one child, on their late 20s to early 30s. So I kind of busted Elena's bank for my candidates and can't find any more interesting prospects (I've sent another 25 EOI's). I just say to myself, since I'm going to fly 6000 km and spend about $10000 to $15000 to bring someone to Canada, I want a 8-9/10 with a great attitude of course!! And like I already asked you and you answered that it was possible to get a 8-9\10 for a 40 year old 5'10" 175 pound average to good looking men!!

So I wanted to get your opinion on my next move. Here how it goes; Of course I'm still staying on Elena's Models and keep trying on their weekly new candidates, but since I find it's not going to fast, I'm also wanna register on APrettyWoman.com and try to get at least a couple of more contacts after sending a lot of messages (I'm aware that they don't offer EOI options). And if nothing really happens with in the next few weeks, I wanted to go on a individual tour with Angelika.net. What do you think? Do you think it's rushing things?? I'm a man of action!

Now you say that I would have much better chance to meet a really beautiful Russian women (that don't speak English) in small towns. I totally agree with you and the language barrier is not a problem cause I read what you said about that and I also agree with you. So my second question is; I'm planning a 10 to 15 day trip (if nothing happens with the correspondence approach with in the next 2-3 months), I'm aware that I can't do 10 cities in one trip, so which places do you recommend to go for meeting what I'm looking for?

I guess I could of asked Angelika.net but I trust better an answer from you.

Thank you very much, your site has been very helpful for me cause I was very suspicious about foreign dating before.


Bob's Answer:

Hi Francis. I understand "itching to go" quite well! I've been on group tours, individual tours, and "one-on-one tours" (i.e. going to visit one girl with whom I first developed a relationship from a distance), and ALL of them were great experiences for me. I truly think that if the end in mind is to find and marry a Russian woman, the "correspondence approach" is the most likely to help you reach that goal soonest and most economically.

You might be able to expedite your online pursuit by exploring Russian Cupid (formerly "RussianEuro.com") and Ukraine Date.

You can re-read my review of these sites at Ukraine Date/Russian Cupid.

Although these sites are a little more susceptible to Russian dating scams, they also seem to have a LOT more volume and activity. In other words, on Russian-Ukrainian-Women.com, you send messages and wait. On Russian Cupid (formerly "RussianEuro.com") and Ukraine Date when you're logged in, you will actually receive "EOIs" (there they are called "Send Interest", but the concept is the same). And there are many more members to choose from.

Just remember to very carefully read my review of Ukraine Date/Russian Cupid where I tell you to to avoid the scammers.

BUT, to your real question: KIEV is the best place to go on an individual tour... without a doubt. It's a special place.

Maybe it's just a special place for me, but it has many things going for it. First, convenience. I know that shouldn't be the first concern, but it does matter. Basically you can fly directly into Kiev from nearly any other large city on earth with maybe one stop in Amsterdam. And, you don't need to arrange a tourist visa to visit Ukraine. AND, Kiev has more hot Russian women than any other city. Kiev also has many agencies competing for your business. The Angelika Network affiliate "Daisy Bride" is great, and Kiev Connections is good (I've dealt with both of them and recommend them highly).

I've also been to Poltava Ukraine and Kharkov Ukraine, and can recommend them too.

But here's the snag... If you go to the smaller towns, the quantity isn't as good. So there may be an undiscovered gem there, but only ONE. If you can't find her, or it doesn't work out with her, then your trip is wasted. If you go to Kiev there will be MANY great prospects, but they won't be small town girls. They will more likely be girls who are more used to foreigners, and they may have many more opportunities to meet other foreign men there.

Does that help?

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best tours available
by: Anonymous

[Bad] Dream Connections

Guys, this is the company to deal with if you are truly looking for a life partner in Ukraine. I went on one of there tours and can HIGHLY recommend them! They are the only tour company that "screens" the women who attend their functions and every guy get's his own translator! I would contact Mark Davis who is the owner and maybe sit in on one of his webinars.
You will see a huge difference between them and all other tours. Just my 2-cents!

[Bob's Answer:]

I do not know this site, but my first impression isn't too good... They tried to post this exact "comment" in a half the post-pages on my site to advertise. A normal user would not be so much a fan, and an honest, reputable agency would not do that. To the poster: I approved only this one post in the hopes that you'll see that this strategy will backfire and allow me to demonstrate your true colors. If you are not as scammy as this looks, use the "Contact Me" page and write me directly.

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