What are the odds?

by Paul
(Queens, NY)

I am an American, 5'9, 220 lbs., and really good looking. I work, so I ain't some loser who is unemployed and living home with his parents looking for a hot Russian girl. But at the same time I ain't exactly rich or wealthy. I was just wondering what were my odds of hooking up?

Bob's Answer:

Given only the information provided in your post, and if by "hooking up" you mean finding a girl with whom to marry and build a family together, I'd say your chances are pretty good if you go about it right.

And at the risk of seeming a little self-promoting, if you carefully read this entire site and follow it's advice, you'll be on the right track.

There ARE Russian women who care a great deal about money and material things, but they aren't very good at hiding that fact. As a matter of fact, the ones who are that way don't even bother to hide it.

But for every "material girl" there, there are many more who are just decent, down-to-earth women looking for a good man who will care for them. They may want to know that you can afford to provide for a family, but assuming you can do that, your financial status should not be an obstacle.

Having said all of that, this isn't exactly an inexpensive pursuit, and there are a few other considerations.

First, marrying a Russian/Ukrainian woman and getting her to the U.S. is going to end up costing you at least $10,000 from first letter to her arrival. And that's not money going to her, but to airlines, hotels, apartments, immigration, etc. You would probably need to make two trips to her city. One trip would be to meet face to face, go out, grow closer, then another trip would be to propose. You MUST have met in person and be planning to marry in order to apply for a fiancee visa (the only way most Russian/Ukrainian women can come here). Each trip is at least $3000 between airfare, hotel/apartment, food, and entertainment.

Second, you need to be honest about your circumstances. For every greedy princess who would reject you when you're honest, there are 20 decent girls with their heads on straight, so no need to present a better picture than is accurate just to land the princess.

Third, you need to know that people from nearly every other country in the world have an image of life in America that's not usually very accurate. Even a girl who is not a materialistic princess may have this image. It doesn't mean she is that way, it just means that she needs a little orientation.

Anyway, that's probably a lot more than you were asking, but I hope it helps!

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