What are the visa requirements for Ukrainians traveling to Cuba?

by Hugo

Does a Ukrainian passport give the girl the right to enter Cuba without a visa and stay forever, like a Russian passport does?

I live in Cuba and like the Russians I have met there. But, actually, I can't tell the difference between a Russian and a Ukrainian except on-line on these dating sites, where it is spelled out.

Bob's Comment:

Some of them my take a little offense to this, but most westerners have a hard time delineating between Russians and Ukrainians :) Their cultures are very similar.

As for their travel requirements to Cuba I have no direct information, but did a little Google search and found these Wikipedia pages:

Visa requirements for Ukrainian citizens

Visa requirements for Russian citizens

They seem to indicate that Russians and Ukrainians can go there for a maximum stay of 30 days (not indefinitely). Ukrainians seem to need a "Tourist Card" but no visa, and Russians only need a passport.

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