What do know about a Russian Travel Agency called Top Tour?

by Ted
(New York)

Top Tour is a travel agency in Russia. This woman I have been writing to looked in to coming here and what it would cost. I also wrote this Travel agency and below is there response. Could you tell me if this travel agency is legit? Thanks. Sincerely, Ted

"Good afternoon. We will be happy to answer you. The name of our travel agency Top Tour. We do not have a site of our tourist agency. We have only to E-mail adress. We need to know the full name of a girl who is going to fly to you. Her first and last name. The cost of all documents will be $ 830. This price includes:

1. Passport $ 140
2. Tourist Visa $ 210
3. Travel to Moscow $ 205
4. Accommodation in Moscow $ 215
5. Medical examination $ 60

The trip to Moscow is required to obtain a tourist visa, and after obtaining a visa, flight from Moscow to your city. Ticket price depends on the date and time of departure. It will cost about $ 900. Documents will be prepared from 8 to 11 days. I hope that we helped you. With respect, support agent Alexandr."

Bob's Answer:

I have not heard of this travel agency, but my very informed opinion is that this is a full out scam.

Do you have this Russian woman's cell phone number? Have you spoken by phone? Have you seen her in a Skype video call? If "no" to all of these, and yet she still wants to visit you, it's a scam.

Further, all this "travel agency" stuff is almost always a scam.

Please read through all the other questions and answers here and everything at the Scams section (see left menu bar).

This is a cookie-cutter scam.

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