What is everyones opinion in www.Dream-Singles.com

by Chris
(New Mexico)

I joined this site, and I do see behavior that seems like a scam. But then I see some behavior that seems real. I have randomly asked things that are not easily done on the internet questions about monuments and asked for pictures from gals showing them with local newspapers to prove they are there. And some do not beg to come or ask repeatedly for letters etc.

At the same time, I have caught form letters coming over, different girls using the same letters, I have even had cases where there were errors in the template letter and instead of my name the letter said %NAME which is a java code variable.

I have also noticed women that I was chatting with, at that time, there were messages that were completely out of context coming up on the right side of the screen in requests to chat. I also wrote a program to monitor some of these "real" women. A chat now button blinks green when they are on the computer to chat. I took 10 random women and had the program log when these women were available to chat. Some were available 20 hours a day. So there is no doubt this site is fake on many fronts.

And they charge nearly 10$ to send a single letter and 4$ a minute to chat. I joined just to see some of the gals. I am 50 years old, fairly attractive according to most, well to do and thought I would give it a try. I quickly learned all behavior is designed to drain your account of credits. I was getting 2000 plus letters a day from women of all ages, super model looking women.

I deleted everyone under 40 right away and then I had to start blocking women. I did find that 3 seemed truly real. They answered everything correctly, none begged me to send letters and chat etc. All 3 were listed as doctors, I asked questions in their field and they gave non text book but correct answers pretty much in chat live right away. This is something that could not be faked.

I also think its downright funny that the chat time that shows up for the women chatting with you is VEGAS time which is where the company is. They told me this is because the messages are translated on their servers in Vegas before coming to me.

I have also run into situations whereby the women send me REAL pictures and they look totally different, some have even admitted that their photos are photo shopped. One gal I was chatting with slipped and said in a conversation, before I moved to the US.... ha ha ha

But the whammy on this dreamsingles is they monitor the chats and letters and wipe out any and all contact data. They want you to request contact info and then they try to setup video sessions which costs extra etc before they will let you contact the women off site.

I know people will say its totally fake, and I think the site is partially fake, there are obvious laws violated in some cases I believe. I am thinking of writing the Nevada attorney general.

I just wanted to hear peoples opinions and we should get this site shut down.

Bob's Answer:

*** Note: I gave you a fictitious first name and location since you didn't enter them - if it's accurate it's purely coincidence. Please use "Chris" as your name in any followup comments. ***

Read my site. Start with the scams section (left margin menu, "Scams"). If you're paying by the letter you're being scammed. Shoot, I think you caught this yourself, "Before I moved to the U.S....."

All pay-per-letter operations prevent you from sharing contact information. That's how they keep the $10/letter coming.

But as with all PPL operations, one of two things is happening:

1) The girls are actually employees of the agency. They're either paid a flat rate, a percentage of their letter revenue, or some combination.

2) The girls aren't even doing the writing, but the agency representative is writing on the girl's behalf.

Given "Before I moved to the U.S....." I would guess the former. And in this case they are living/working right in the U.S.

See that girl in the top banner of my site? She's a friend who grew up in Ukraine and met and married an American man from Texas. As I'm from Texas and I was there when they met, I became friends with her.

After her divorce she was looking for a job and had a job interview as an "interpreter". After learning that the job was to write letters to men she declined.

That's how it works.

Read my WHOLE site. It can tell you how to go through this process without being scammed!

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by: Chris

And I wanted to tell everyone that I have asked very pertinent questions of their support staff. I have asked:

Do the women receive any compensation from letters or chatting or video chats with other members in any form?

Answer from staff via email: No women are not compensated in any way.

Are the responses to the members ever provided by someone other than the women in the specific profile that members write too? Such as staff or on behalf of?

Answer: Only translators sometimes type for the women.

Are template letters used, or chat requests generated by the system and not the actual profile women?

Answer: No

Do the women work for other companies in this case and then you pay those companies?

Answer: No we pay no one for the women's activities.

I tell you this site is criminal. I even had one woman who was in the eastern part of Ukraine, near the warring part. She told me her location city, and she said she wants out, she wants to contact me off the site. She tried several ways to contact me and the actual contact info was scrubbed by the translator. She was able to write me and tell me she could see what I was writing to other people. Then she disappeared.

I think this place is criminal and a rip off. You get 18 year olds writing to ask if you want XXX pictures. Why would they do that? They want more letters, 99% of the women just try to elicit a response, I fully believe they get paid in some way for letters, but they all act scared because this is obviously their income.

RE: Follow-up
by: Bob (Site Owner)

It doesn't surprise me that they deny everything!

And I AGREE that it is "criminal", at least in spirit.

What do I mean by "in spirit"? Well, such places often have a lengthy terms-of-service (TOS) agreement to which you at least implicitly agree when you use thei site. This TOS probably covers their asses.

See A Foreign Affair - Review. I pick apart their TOS in that review.

dream-singles.com probably has something similar that says that you understand and agree that the letters may not always be written by the women themselves. That will trump whatever they said to you in an informal email. And the TOS will be the first thing that their house counsel will address when approached by the AG (Attorney General).

Your idea of writing the Nevada AG isn't a bad one. Write them, including as much detail as you can provide.

The reason that writing the AG isn't a bad idea is that you don't have to pay him/her. It's already the AG's job to look into these things. And while you don't pay the AG, dream-singles.com DOES have to pay their defense attorney.

BUT, and I know this is easier said than done, but after writing the AG MOVE ON! Don't use ANY pay-per-letter (pay-per-chat, pay-per-anything) site again! Follow the advice on my site, especially in the scams sections, and use only free or membership sites (in membership sites you pay for a period of time, like with match.com, during which you can send/receive unlimited messages to/from unlimited members).

The girl in Eastern Ukraine: EVEN IF she is "real" you're never going to connect directly. And I would seriously suspect that she's in on the gig.

Look what i found with some research
by: Chris

So I wrote a program to search several of these russian dating sites for certain criteria and compare their listings of women . . took 5 seconds to get my first hit. I found a woman listed on www.dream-singles.com and ussr-star.com.



Same name, different occupation, same exact pictures, different age, she also describes herself in one listing with black hair and green eyes and the other with brown hair and green eyes. Hilarious. Bob do you have a way to share pics? Or I can send you these two screen shots and you can then share them . . . either way. its fishy.

RE: Look what i found with some research
by: Bob (Site Owner)

Actually when I look they both say 34, and frankly the brown vs black hair isn't that big a discrepancy. You forgot to note the occupation difference :)

BUT DUDE, you're getting waaaaay too deep into this!

If you pay by the letter (or video, or chat, etc.), it's a scam. Problem solved.

But, to scratch your itch...

Some girls post profiles on different sites. That in itself isn't the glitch here.

SOME girls appear on multiple sites where ONE is the real deal and the others just stole the photos and details. I could save those pics locally then upload them at a different site and put all the same details. Hmmm, maybe a new business concept ;)

But that's not what's going on here. Most likely this girl works for an on-the-ground agency. I can almost guarantee it. In fact I've seen her pictures before. I know that some agencies advertise jobs on Facebook model groups, and probably in VK (like the Russian Facebook). They hire them with the promise that they can make a lot of money. That agency hires the girls and instructs each girl to place profiles on multiple pay-per-letter sites. HENCE THE DUPLICATION. And either they don't remember what they post in each copy of the profile, or they don't even really care.

But unfortunately trying to get to the bottom of this sewer is a waste of time. Use your time, money, and energy finding a REAL Ukrainian girl. It's not that hard.

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