What is your opinion about Russian Cupid?

by Paul
(Queens , N.Y.)

Hello Bob

It's me Paul again I have another question. I just registered with Russian Cupid and I have to say the pickings are very slim, but there are some decent women that take interest in me. I am not a member yet, but I did sign up and created a profile, put my picture on, and all. The thing is, I will actually get women that hit the "they are interested" button or option and of course I hit their "are you interested" option, and I will never hear from them again. Now I understand if you're not a paying member your letter that you send won't be translated into Russian.

They never write back. Now here's were it gets tricky... I don't want to pay for a membership and write letters to supposed interested women and never hear from them again. I don't know if this site sends out fake interest messages.

I know on a lot of dating sites do that whole thing where a supposed attractive woman in your neighborhood sends out an invitation to you that she likes you and when you join the site all the invitations of interested women disappear. They just do it to get you spend the $19.99/month fee.

I hope the same thing isn't happening on Russian Cupid. Now I already explained myself from a previous post I am not a bad looking guy I have had many attractive American girlfriends, but I am getting old and I am less appealing to the younger ones because I am 37. But I don't want a woman my age because I want to settle down and have children, and at 37 it is dangerous for a woman to have kids, so naturally I go for a woman who is younger, and Russian woman came to mind. So Bob, what do you think about Russian Cupid? Is it worth it? Should I join or go to Elena's models?

Bob's Reply:

I haven't visited Russian Cupid much recently, but I just went and did a search and must say that if you think the pickings there are "slim", you may have some wildly unrealistic expectations! I just searched for all women 25-44 sorted by last active and saw profiles on every page of search results that I HAD to click. So I would disagree that it's slim pickin's.

I do know what you mean about sites where you get LOTS of young, hot women interested in you until you pay up, then they disappear, but Russian Cupid/Ukraine Date don't do that.

That doesn't mean that they are 100% scam-free, but the scams are perpetrated by users who prey upon the site's reactive scam strategy, not the sites themselves.

Obviously I can't make any promises, but I think you'll get MORE "interest" messages once you get a paid membership because the girls (unfortunately also including the scammers) know that you would be able to actually contact them. While you're on the free membership they know you can't write them.

I talk about these sites at Russian Cupid and Ukraine Date - Review, including how to easily recognize and avoid the scammers. At least 90% of it is as simple as checking the "Viewed My Profile" list when you receive a message from a girl. A girl who contacts you but has not viewed your profile is probably a scammer.

You may want to read my updated review of EM at Elena's Models - Review. It's still an honest site, but their recent "upgrade" kinda hosed the functionality there.

But you may want to read my Russian-Ukrainian-Women.com - Review page and check out that site. I have encountered only a few scammers there in the year or so that I've used it, and in each case the scammer's profile was deleted from the site before I got a second letter.

Hope that helps!

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