What would you say about traveling to Paris to meet a Russian woman

by Bob
(Hancock, Wisconsin USA)

I have been using a dating site to meet Russian woman. I think that I have seen every scam out there but recently I met this woman who seems to be the real thing. In order to avoid the hassle of obtaining visa we are meeting in Paris. Evan though she is a doctor affording the air fare is expensive for her so I did purchase the tickets myself. She has been involved with everything from tickets to choosing a apartment.

I am a 49 year old man. I am in excellent shape and decent to look at. I own a construction company and do very well. The woman who I met is only a year younger than me but very beautiful and incredibly smart.I don't think that this is a scam but thought I would like your opinion.


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RE: What would you say about traveling to Paris to meet a Russian woman
by: Bob (Site Owner)

Getting a visa to visit Russia isn't really that big of a deal. You fill out an online form at VisaHQ.com, pay the fee, mail them your passport, and a few weeks later your passport arrives back in the mail with the visa page inserted.

If you've read much of my site, especially the section on scams, you know that making the first meeting in the girl's city is VERY important. See Avoiding Russian Women Scams.

Meeting in her city makes it such that she has little more to take from the meeting other than a few meals and the enjoyment of your company.

Making your first meeting in Paris has the same downside as making it Dominican Republic - It's a BIG payoff for her. She couldn't usually make such a trip on her dime.

So, personally I don't like the neutral location meeting plan.

Question 1: Who initially made the suggestion of meeting somewhere besides Russia? I still don't like the idea, but if you really steered that whole decision without much nudging from her then there's a little less concern. But if she hinted/suggested/etc that Russia is so cold and grey that it would be better to meet somewhere else, then that's not good.

It doesn't necessarily mean scam, but it's not good.

Question 2: How long has the communication with this woman been going on? In what form? Skype? Email?

One thing here that doesn't really fit the scammer profile is her age. Usually by the time a woman is 48 she's far beyond the typical age for all that crap.

The fact that this meeting doesn't follow my "best practices" doesn't mean it will fail, only that there's more room for failure. If it works out, great! If not, next time meet first in the girl's city!

Another opionion
by: Mark

I read your question about Paris, and the response. I'm just curious to know a few things if you don't mind sharing. As I also have my eye on going to Paris w/ my Natasha one day.

Is Paris a place you strongly desire to see and tour? So either of you speak the native language as a perk? I think two things BTW!

1. If you strongly desire to see Paris just think of yourself as much (Equally) as you accommodate her. Have a good time and yes; It's much more enjoyable to do such with a beautiful woman than alone.

2. My other 50% is the same as the response above. Just don't overly take this trip too serious about a relationship long term. If you can top off this trip w/ another to her home town, or nearby town in Russia if she's living in a village type location that's great. Just watch out if she is flighty and wants all the meets her way only. Which is a red flag from Russia, U.S., or any country.

If the Paris trip is great wait until a few days are left until you'll be flying separate ways. If you want to see her again make it known you want to meet some of her family. See how she responds. Many Russian women don't care to talk much to family about a foreign man. Well not in the start of things. If it goes south some family may ridicule her, and if it's a GO! She may have family that won't care for you taking her later on to the U.S. Family in Russia is very close compared to many families in the U.S. While a Russian family loves you and treats you as accepted family: They also often resent the lose of a loved one at the same time. Keep your ears working for little comments that may help you down the road. My fiancé has one sister that is raving anger at Natasha's leaving Russia. Our K-1 was just approved and I just spoke on Skype w/Natasha. We decided not to mention our approval at this time to the family. I'm going to Russia for holidays. They need to concentrate on the long term holidays, not losing family. Anyway for what it's worth I've learned of 15 months to watch for this in most Russian families. We don't need sabotage with a smile per any relationship, any country. So; Food for thought but your just starting up, and this is for down the road if things get serious. Mainly a second person w/experience agrees with the response you got first. Make your next meet in Russia and have a great time in Paris.

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