Where to get the ebook

by Erik

Hi I am very much interested to live in Ukraine. Not so much for the women though.

I read tons of information about Ukraine and saw hundreds of video' s (Not the tourist stuff about where to buy the best coffee in Lviv)

The people in general are beautiful out there. Not only the women. With beautiful I not only necessarily mean looks. Sure, bad apples and prisons are everywhere but in general, the people you meet are wonderful. I know I was there and as the story goes I want to go back.

I wanted to download the ebook but the link doesn't work. Can anyone help?

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Sep 28, 2021
RE: Where to get the ebook
by: Bob (site owner/author)

Hi Eric!

Bob here... From what you describe this may not exactly be the book you're looking for. There is some guidance about "living in Ukraine/Kyiv", but they are rather on the simple side, and the book is more focused on the social end of living there.

BUT, what do you mean the link doesn't work? I just clicked it all the way to the order page without a problem.

- Go to Live in Ukraine!
- Click on that right-margin banner or on any of the Live in Ukraine! links in the text of the page.
- You should now be at https://liveinukraine.xyz
- Near the bottom of the page under the "Buy the full version" subheading there is a "Buy Now - Clickbank" link.

It looks like it all works.


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