Which is the best for a foreign wife, Asian, Russian or Latina women?

by Francis
(Montreal, Canada)

Hi! I'm very very serious about finding a foreign wife and bringing her to my country (Canada). I'm getting information about everything. But I'm so confused from which country to choose. Well it's not really the country, the confusion is more if it would be an eastern Europe bride (mostly Ukraine or Russia), Asian bride, or Latina bride (from Central or South America).

Personally I prefer Caucasian women but I really don't dislike Asian or Latina. It's more the type of characters I'm concerned about. I like calm, easy going, loyal, faithful, quiet, and shy type of women. Of course positive and great attitude too. I gonna be looking for a women who has one children.

Thank you very much

Bob's Answer: Well, the name of this site IS in fact "Meeting Russian Women", so I guess you could predict my answers :-) That's where most of my experience lies, however I'm sure you could find very suitable women from other areas. But if you are looking for the qualities you list (calm, easy going, loyal, faithful, quiet, shy), my guess would be that Asian women might best fit that description.

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