Why do sites charge to obtain a lady's contact details?

by Noah

Why do sites charge to obtain a lady's contact details?

Bob's Answer:

It's just one of the ways a site/agency earns money. They are real businesses with real costs, and desire for profit for their services.

Some sites that do this, like www.APrettyWoman.com and www.Bride.ru, I believe are legitimate. You pay for some number of contacts, or one price for all contacts, and then take your best shot.

You can read through my site for my thoughts on these various approaches, but overall this is isn't my favorite. You could end up paying $3-$10 per address and none of them write back.

But I am much more skeptical about other sites that do this. For example, you might notice my reference of this practice in my review at Kherson Girls - Review. There they charge crazy expensive prices for direct contact information (in my opinion), AND they won't release that information to you until after the girl authorizes it. Now that's only fair that the girl should authorize the release of her information, but this site doesn't just ask the girl to authorize, they instead require you to ask for her authorization VIA THEIR PAY-PER-LETTER SERVICES at around $12/each (as of now). AND, invariably the girl will not answer the question about her contact details in that letter, or she'll say she needs to know you better first, etc.

So they charge $100 for the contact details, then $12 per letter for you to get the girl's authorization.

That's just crazy!

I prefer the one-price-unlimited-online-contact approaches like at Russian-Ukrainian-Women.com.

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