Why do so many young Ukrainian women looking for husbands already have children?

by John

I'm wondering why do so many young Ukrainian women looking for husbands already have young children. I understand their cultural desire to have children by their early 20s, but why have their relationships with the fathers failed so early in the relationship? I would think if there is a shortage of men, they would try to work at salvaging these marriages. Are some having children out of wedlock simply to have a child by age 22? I would think that when a child is at stake the parents would try to work out their differences. Some of these women have children only 1-3 years old. Can you shed some light on this topic?

Bob's Answer:

I'm going to have to speculate on this one, but I would not be so sure that the marriages failed due to a lack of effort to salvage them or work on their differences.

MANY MEN there are alcoholics and unfaithful husbands, so I can easily see how that would lead to relationship failure.

About having children young... I think they just get married and have children. The idea of a woman wanting to wait until they're better established, or for her to get a career started before having children is rare.

And don't think the out-of-wedlock thing is intended, but rather just happens.

Anyway, I hope that sheds some light on the subject, but again, this is a little out of my "specialty" :-)

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