Why Russian Women?

So why Russian women? What's so special about them that men from halfway around the world travel to meet them, date them, and marry them?

Paul McCartney and the Beatles may have said it best in "Back in the U.S.S.R." in 1968. The chorus goes like this: "Ukraine girls really knock me out, they leave the West behind, and Moscow girls make me sing and shout, and Georgia's always on my mind" (that's Georgia the country, not the state).

Before completely answering the question "Why Russian women?", let me set the stage a little by first answering the question, "Why NOT American women?" (for my male readers from other countries please fill in your own equivalent experiences here).

Let me start that answer with a few disclaimers in the hopes that I won't be dismissed out of hand as a hater of American women!

I don't believe they're all bad. I believe there are nice, attractive, intelligent American women seeking a normal, healthy marriage relationship. But somehow the playing field has been slanted so heavily in their favor that no one wins, not even the women.

The verifiable/repeatable reality is that an even moderately attractive non-overweight American woman who places a profile with good, clear pictures on one of the big online dating sites like Match.com or POF.com receives at least 400-500 messages per week. If she's much above "moderately attractive" she could easily receive double or triple the attention.

This, at least in part, explains why men receive answers to their online ads only from women who would never appeal to them. The attractive/appealing women are BURIED in messages and don't have time (or need) to search for men.

So one major reason why Russian women are so appealing is that the absolutely crazy supply/demand numbers locally make the odds of finding an appealing local woman a bit like winning the lottery! And if I were THAT lucky, I'd still prefer the winning lotto ticket so that I could just go to Russia/Ukraine more freely :-) (why? Read on...)

But if you like your chances with the locals, you should pursue it. It's much simpler, easier, and cheaper than seeking a woman from Russia/Ukraine.

OK, so pursuing American women starts off as a rigged game, but why Russian women? I know a Ukrainian girl who came to the U.S. over ten years ago.

One thing she especially likes about living in America is that she is "special". When she goes to the mall, heads turn. But she says that in Ukraine she is just another face in the crowd, and nothing really special... EVEN THOUGH in America she has done runway fashion shows in some of the top U.S. markets and has been featured in televised lingerie commercials. If she put a profile on Match.com, she'd get a few thousand messages per week.

Elena Petrova, founder/owner of Elena's Models, says something similar... "I have been told many times I am very beautiful. Believe it or not, this only started when I left Russia, because in Russia I was pretty ordinary!"

So why Russian women? Well, the cultural/social dynamics make it such that a runway fashion model and TV lingerie model feels like "part of the crowd" in her own country! (instead of getting 1000 messages per day from men pursuing her!)

Having lived in Kiev I can attest to this dynamic. In the course of a short walk to the store to buy milk it isn't at unusual to see at least 3-4 women at least as attractive as my banner model. I might also point out that at least in 2017 you would need to look hard to find fat women in Kiev. Somehow obesity just hasn't caught on there!

Although there are exceptions to any rule, ON AVERAGE Russian women are very educated, intelligent, feminine, family-oriented, and beautiful. In the U.S. women like this would be scooped up instantly, so you probably wonder why Russian women are single, available, accessible, and open to foreign men?

  • First, ON AVERAGE, Russian men are notorious for (1) being alcoholics, (2) being unfaithful in their marriages, and (3) being unemployed/under-employed. This is so much the case that a woman married to a gainfully employed cheating alcoholic usually just sucks it up knowing this is about as good as she can hope for.

  • Second, Russian women are, on average, very family-oriented (So you can see why Russian men don't really fit into the Russian women's picture!).

  • Third, "Western" men (North American, Most Western Europeans) are well known worldwide to treat women better than men in any other part of the world (though you would never guess this listening to Western women's complaints).

All this combines to make these educated, intelligent, feminine, family-oriented, beautiful women very receptive and appreciative of the attention of foreign men... even just "regular guys".

So why Russian women? For the most part, an American guy over 40 years old serious about finding a good partner with whom to share the rest of his life - ESPECIALLY if he hopes to have children (or more children) - simply CANNOT GO WRONG with Russian women. OK, well, one CAN always "go wrong", but such a man's chances of finding what he seeks in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union are infinitely better than they are locally.

And there is another great reason why Russian women are so appealing - something that you may not come to fully appreciate unless/until you travel there and start meeting them in person: On average, more Russian women are devoid of any traces of American Feminism or Pop Culture. They want their men to be men, not women.

In other words, I've rarely ever heard Russian/Ukrainian women refer to "cute guys"... they more often say they want a "real man". Basically, they seem like they'd prefer a Clint Eastwood to a Brad Pitt. And they wouldn't give a "metrosexual" the time of day. Russian/Ukrainian women typically want a man to be STRONG and DECISIVE, whereas here that often tends to make women label you as "controlling".

And that Clint Eastwood vs. Brad Pitt dynamic often extends to their age preferences as well. In other words it is not at all uncommon that younger Russian women are open to men over 40. Some of them care a great deal about age, but many do not. It would usually be pretty easy for a 45-55 year old man to find a 30-35 year old Russian woman - or even younger - who would not give a second's thought to this age difference (though be careful about women around 25 or lower... REALLY HOT young women open to REALLY OLD men are usually up to no good).

Is the answer to the question "Why Russian women?" becoming clear?

Surely with all these reasons why Russian women are worth the trouble there must be a catch, right? Well obviously there is a catch... actually several.

For starters, these women live 6000 miles away and many of them don't understand or speak English very well (if at all). Add to that the fact that if you don't know what you are doing, you're likely to encounter quite a few scams on your way to finding your Russian woman. Most of these things are manageable with the help of this site.

So ultimately pursuing Russian women will involve some cost, effort, and risk, but the population imbalance and resulting social dynamics in Russia and Ukraine basically ends up meaning that an American man can usually have much better luck at finding a suitable partner than they have here in the U.S.

But in addition to overcoming the cost, effort, and risk involved in pursuing Russian women, you will also need to overcome some stigma associated with this pursuit. There are quite a few widely held myths about Russian women that you may also need to overcome.

So if all this adequately explains why Russian women are worth the effort and expense, there are quite a few things you'll need to know in order to pull this off. But you're in the right place because I'll tell you everything you need to know.

So how do you meet, date, and marry these beautiful Russian women?

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*** Reviewed/Updated December 2017 ***