Would a really good looking russian women be seriously interested in average looking men?

by Francis

Hi again, I just asked you two questions the last few days and I'm kind of shy to ask you another question. If it's too much, please let me know and I'll call you and pay you fee. (I'll also do that before I go see the women I will eventually meet).

If it's OK here's my last question, it may seem ridiculous but I would strongly appreciate your honest opinion; I just turned 40 years old, I was married 10 years and got divorced 4 years ago. I met a couple of women in my country but it didn't really click on my end.

After reading your site I realize that I pretty much answered the first 4 questions at the very beginning and the answers were "oh yes". Except that I'm also picky but only about the looks (but I would never accept a beautiful woman with a nasty or bad attitude, interior beauty always comes first on my list).

Here in North America, it's quite impossible for a man of 40 years old with kids to get a super good looking lady between 25 and let's say 32 years old (unless you're a millionaire).

Like you say on your site, they can always be an age difference of 10-15 years but would it be possible for a man of 40 years old to get a really pretty lady that would seriously be interested? Or it's more the average looking women that are really serious? Again, I like the 9/10 or 10/10 women, am I dreaming or it's possible?

I'm an average to good looking man, 5'10, 175 pounds, kind heart, great attitude, have all my hair and I'm not rich but I make an average of 70000$ a year. I'm a serious guy who just wants one women in his life. I have two little girls and after you answered my previous question I want a women with one kid (cause it's possible to bring them both).

Again, this question may seem so ridiculous to you but I say to myself, I like good looks (and of course great attitude) and since I'm going all the way to eastern Europe to get a future wife and spend whatever it takes to bring her here, might as well go for what I really want! a kind hearted 9/10 who's really serious about a loyal respectful long term relationship.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your site and the information you gave me on my previous questions.

Bob's Answer:

No worries... Questions welcome!

Your plight sounds nearly exactly like my own and many others.... age, looks, income, and a hope that there's something better out there.

Yes, absolutely, a truly "regular guy" - not rich, famous, young, model looks, etc. - can find a 9 or 10 in Russia/Ukraine who would marry him and love him. There's actually a saying in Russia/Ukraine that I've heard from many sources, including my own wife, "A man only needs to be a little better looking than a monkey"!

My own case illustrates it... Your description of yourself and your situation is very similar to my own. I'm average to good looking myself, also not rich or famous, and yet I married a girl who looks exactly like Angelina Jolie. Seriously, people stop her on the street to comment on the resemblance! (I wish I could post pictures, but she hasn't given her permission so I would feel like it would be a violation of her privacy).

The basis for the value Russian/Ukrainian women place on a man's looks is simply that their culture is much more "traditional" than Western culture in this area. Historically it was more important that a man be strong and capable of "taking care of business" and taking care of the wife, and not so much that he look like a model.

Having said that I feel compelled to issue a few disclaimers.

First, if you find a REALLY attractive Russian/Ukrainian woman in a large, modern city like Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg, or others, she could be a little more like a Western woman than you would like... a little more "high maintenance", expecting a "better life" than you can provide, etc. This is less the case as you get into smaller cities. Basically it's like a city girl vs a country girl.

Secondly, it's nearly almost universal that the more beautiful the woman, the more difficult the relationship. It's a simple issue of supply and demand. A really beautiful woman generally has received lots of attention in her life and will consequently not be as appreciative of your attention. But a woman who might rank as a 7 or 8 in the looks department would be much more appreciative, and therefore more reasonable and easy to get along with.

In summary, anything can happen, and you have a better chance of landing your 9 or 10 in Russia/Ukraine than in Canada, but the chances that a 9 or 10 would meet those qualifications you seek as described in your previous question are much more slim than for a 7 or 8... Make sense?

But then, anything is possible!

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