Your opinion about women pictures

by Francesco

Hello Bob,

I'd like to ask you the following question based on your personal experience: while browsing on Elena's Models women's pictures (but the same goes for any other sites) I noticed there are mainly 2 categories of pictures: girls that show "normal" pictures (for example pictures taken by friend wearing no particular clothes) and pictures taken by professional photographers, where the women wear very elegant or sexy clothes.

I know it's not possible to judge simply by pictures, it's not possible to generalize and the best way to answer this question is to start to know a woman, but can a way a woman shows herself give some information about her? Maybe a woman that shows herself in bikini in professional pictures can still be a very serious and honest woman that is just trying to show herself at best to beat other women competition and she is taking her quest to find an husband very seriously?

Maybe a woman showing "normal" pictures could seen to be more simple and humble and maybe more serious but it's also possible she could not be motivated enough and so she just took the pictures she already has without put any effort to take more professional pictures?

Thanks in advance for any answer to this complicated question :D


Bob's Answer:

Great question, and great answer. I'm not sure I have that much to add :)

I agree with you: A woman with professional bikini pics can be just as serious as a woman with much more conservative pics, and that a woman without professional pics may just not be very motivated or serious.

But it can also go the other way: A girl with bikini/lingerie pictures may just be using the only ammo she has and a girl with conservative pictures may just be a lot more secure and stable.

So I guess I would just take the pictures as a starting point.

But based on my experience I would never get too hooked on a picture. I remember on my only group tour after one of the socials I ended up on a double date with a girl and another couple. The other guy's girl had her aunt with her who was showing us pictures. The other guy said, "Wow, she's beautiful! Is that your daughter?" She answered, "No, that's me." Ouch!

But the girl in the pic looked nothing like the lady at the table, so it was an easy mistake for him to make.

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