Limited options at Do you have any recommendations for other personal agencies, Russian or Ukraine?

by Jason
(New York City)

I talked to Katrin at nice girl, but their database is quite small. I'm looking for something more. Do you have any recommendations for other personal agencies, Russian or Ukrainian?

I don't think the dating site is really worthwhile. Any other options would be appreciated.

Bob's Comment:

I understand your concerns about the limited options at

Since you spoke with Katrin I guess she would have explained that her approach isn't really the "dating site" approach OR the "individual tour" approach, but rather a unique emphasis on Skype introductions. She believes that you DEVELOP the relationship from a distance, then travel to see the one girl.

BUT, again, I understand your concern...

The Angelika Network no longer exists as a network, but read my Angelika Network - Review anyway. Toward the bottom I have a few links to former Angelika Network affiliate agencies that may be able to provide what you seek.

That Daisy Bride in Kiev is awesome.

Click on that "Personal Tour" on their home page to read the description. There is only one thing there that they don't describe very well... The "25 addresses of ladies from our website" isn't accurate. Fortunately the accurate thing is better... Prior to your trip you can send the office your pictures and a general introduction letter, and a list of up to 25 women you would like to meet.

Remember, the tour package allows for unlimited introductions, but prior to your arrival they will contact each of the girls on this list of 25, show them your pics and letter, and ask them if they would be willing to meet you. So then, by the time you arrive your first few days are already booked with appointments.

You might also note that their tour price is 140 Euros/day, but lower on the page it says $170 USD/day. That was probably before the Euro took a dive. I'm pretty sure the 140 Euros/day is the price, and the USD price is simply whatever the exchange rate is (Google "exchange rates", right now 140 Euros = $156 USD).

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